tassie dancers against cancer presents

Dance Fest 2018
The Tassie Dancers Against Cancer main fundraising event of 2018 invites you to join in our day of dance with Dance Fest 2018.  Dance Fest provides dancers from any age, ability or dance school to have the opportunity to dance, win fun prizes and perform on stage!

Ways to get involved

saturday 29 september

Don Bosco Theatre, Guilford Young College

'A Chance to Dance' Workshop only

This 1-hour workshop is designed for participants to come along and learn from an industry professional dancer. The Workshop will be held in between the two ‘A Chance to Dance’ performances giving all performers the opportunity to attend if they wish!

Dance Fest 2018 Gala

The TDAC Dance Fest Gala promises to be an event full of fun, amazing dance performances with many of the Hobart Dance Schools performing along with industry professional performances, our ‘A Chance to Dance’ performance winner and loads of other fun prizes and activities.  Make a full day of dance and finish off with Dance Fest 2018 Gala Performance. Tickets on sale now!

Dance Fest 2018 Program

9:30 – 12:00 ‘A Chance to Dance’ – Junior Performers
12:00 – 12:30 Presentations – Junior Performers
12:30 – 1.30 Dance Workshop
1:30 – 4:30 ‘A Chance to Dance’ – Senior Performers
4:00 – 4:30 Presentations – Senior Performers
6:30 – 7:30 Pre show entertainment & drinks
7:30 – 9.15 Dance Fest 2018 Gala Showcase

Last Years ‘A Chance to Dance’

'A Chance to Dance' performance & workshop

Our ‘A Chance to Dance’ performance events are designed for anyone to get involved and have the opportunity to dance on stage.  Whether you’re a TCE student wanting to practice your exam performance, parent and child duo, young dancer looking for an opportunity to get on stage, ANYONE can join our ‘A Chance to Dance’ Performances. Entries close 19 Sept.

Dance Fest 2018 T-shirts

Can’t make it on the day, but still want to support TDAC?  We understand, we all have busy lives.
Perhaps you would like to purchase a TDAC Dance Fest 2018 T-shirt or sponsor a prize for our ‘A Chance to Dance’ and Gala performers.  T-shirts are available in children and adult sizes in both long and short sleeves.

Sept 29 - DANCE FEST 2018

Buy Gala Tickets now, enjoy the spectacle of local talent of dance and raise funds for cancer research.

the tdac Mission

After losing my mum to cancer, as well as a beautiful young dancer and a staff member, raising money for Cancer Council Tasmania just seemed like the right thing to do. Like many who have been touched by Cancer I was endeavouring to put those feeling of helplessness into something positive. There is the hope that fundraising efforts may make a difference to cancer patients and helps families going through this awful time in their lives.

So ‘Tassie Dancers Against Cancer’ TDAC was born and became 3 projects.

‘A Chance to Dance Day’ – An all day event for local dancers & singers to perform solos or in small groups. Over 150 acts performed throughout the day!

‘Tassie Dancers Against Cancer Gala Showcase’ – A collaboration of Hobarts dance and theatre schools who came together for a Gala Performance

‘Tassie Dancers Against Cancer Workshops’ – Interstate choreographer Freya List gave her time to run a day of workshops for Tassie Dancers.

TDAC Sponsors

Become a sponsor

By becoming a TDAC sponsor you will be supporting us to provide local Tasmanian Dancers with opportunities to dance and learn with interstate dancers and choreographers.  To thank you for your support we will provide you with advertising opportunities and share your brand with our growing dance community.

Donate Now

TDAC 2021 will support Cancer Council Tasmania.  Click here to donate now.

TDAC Merchandise

Order our famous TDAC T-shirt brand new hoodie other TDAC Merchandise.